Executive director


Tiffany Lodder

Recovery Programs Project Manager


Nancy Cooper

Treasurer (Canada)


Kim Dorrrington



Diezel Lodder

Training Development Director


Eric Schnaithmann

Beneficiary Trustee (USA)


DeWayne Crawford

Trustee (Mission Motorsport CEO)


James Cameron

Recovery Programs Manager


 Christopher Anderson 

Logistics Support Liaison


Karen Nightingale

Liaison Officer (Petawawa)


George Sisak

Liaison Officer (Kingston)


Blair Freeman

US Military Liaison & Recovery Programs Ambassador


 Jason Leach 

Communications Director


David Meyer

Secretary (USA)


Lynn Friedman

Secretary (Canada)


Jennifer Vince

Team Photographer


 Jennifer Kusche

Social Media


Sam McEachern

Team Photographer (Motorsports)


 Jake Galstad 


Organization and Mission

Additional Information

Established on June 28, 2017 Operation Motorsport promotes the physical, emotional, psychological and educational life skills necessary for recovery and reintegration into civilian life. 

Operation Motorsport has three distinct roles: to provide motorsport as a recovery activity, to provide training and qualifications to return Beneficiaries to work, and as relationship managers to the motorsports and automotive industry for vocational opportunities for the ill and injured service members and disabled veterans.

Involvement in the preparation, development, coaching and teamwork in motorsports competition is a hugely cathartic experience. By competing in racing and working together in motorsports hospitality we engender a real team ethos. It is about so much more than just driving – car preparation, logistics, support and race management all present challenges to be overcome. All of these aspects will be part of the Excite – Engage – Empower programs, and Operation Motorsport’s Beneficiaries will enter the program at the Excite level and transition through at their own speed and desire to the Engage and Empower programs.

Motorsport can greatly help rebuild an individual’s confidence and provides emotional and practical support. This year we are engaging in car corrals, as well as teaming motorsports race teams with interested Beneficiaries, to develop the Excite program for 2018 and create partnerships within the motorsports and automotive industry.

The Community Need

Approximately 1,000 Regular Force members of the Canadian Armed Forces are medically released annually because they no longer meet Universality of Service. The Joint 2013 Life After Service Survey found that 25 percent of medically released respondents, who were Veterans with Regular Force Service, reported a very or moderately difficult transition to civilian life and of that, 60% of disabled veterans are unemployed. The US Army numbers are even more staggering, with the Army being the largest of the 4 services, there are approximately 17,000 US Army Soldiers that are separated with a medical disability annually.