Since 2017, the Motorsport Immersion Program has been a critical component in helping create a unique, engaging, empowering, and non-clinical approach to improving overall mental health and wellbeing for veterans affected by their military service.


Engaging in real-life motorsport team immersion, Operation Motorsport partners with US and Canadian race teams that compete within the International Motorsports Association (IMSA) and the SRO Motorsports America US race series and within the FEL Motorsports Canadian race series.



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Through the Motorsport Immersion Program, race teams and series, under the mentorship of a team member, embed program beneficiaries within their crew, using their transferable skill sets or interests and assign appropriate roles and responsibilities, being mindful of their limitations.


These teams provide unique opportunities for beneficiaries in roles such as tire, fuel, fabrication, vinyl, or engine technicians, data analysis, public relations, marketing, logistics, driver assistant, digital and social media, photography, and more. The beneficiary endeavors to use their transferable skills to create or expand on their interests.



By providing the Motorsport Immersion Program to beneficiaries, the Foundation offers a network and connection they are familiar with, aiding in their recovery, and ultimately improving their quality of life. These unique motorsport experiences demonstrate to the medically retiring service member or veteran that many of their skills are transferable and they continue to be needed, while also exposing them to new opportunities.




Our goal is to provide what veterans desire most – a team, identity, and purpose that will enable them to develop to their fullest potential post service. In 2022, the Motorsport Immersion Program welcomed 21 beneficiaries who had the incredible opportunity to be embedded with professional race teams within the Motorsports Immersion Program