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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our eMotorsport Diversionary Therapy Program. We hope you join us for our iRacing events and please take a moment to drop us a line.

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eMotorsport League Application

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Class Assignment
Three classes compete within the Tuesday night Operation eMotorsport iRacing League. The Thursday night series does not use class assignments.
BENEFICIARY Class Drivers:
Completed an initial interview with a Beneficiary Trustee or the eMotorsports Manager (see website for details and form link), and Verification of Military Service (DD214 or NDI 75), and Verification of service-connected disability rating (VA Letter or other accepted form)
OPEN Class Drivers:
Hold at least a D-Class Road License (iRacing), and Any serving military member or veteran not enrolled in Operation Motorsport programs, or Any staff member, volunteer, or supporter of Operation Motorsport, or Other participants on a case-by-case basis as allowed by the eMotorsports Manager
PRO Class Drivers:
Competition License Holder (Past/Present) in IMSA, SRO, FEL, or another sanctioning body, or iRacing A Class Road License AND Safety Rating of 3.99 or above, or iRacing A Class Road License AND iRating of 1900 or higher
Agreement Section
Operation Motorsport has strong ties with various sports car race series, sponsors, partners, and other supporters across the motorsports world. The Tuesday evening races live stream across multiple social media platforms. As such, we have various organizations and personnel who watch our events and how we execute our programs.

We have expectations for every participant to ensure we execute a clean, respectful race series focused on creating a space where like-minded people can virtually come together, learn and support one another, and create shared experiences and strong bonds. We ask that you agree to the following:
Agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner and be respectful of all league participants.:*
Agree to race respectfully with those other drivers around you, with no intentional wrecking or overly-aggressive driving that impedes other drivers on the track. Be courteous to everyone regardless of skill level.:*
Agree to run league-specific sponsor/decal and class assignment markings.:*
This league uses Discord for the majority of league announcements. Please join this channel and use your First Name/Last Name as userID. You can join the Operation eMotorsport Discord channel through the Operation Motorsport website.:*
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The Operation eMotorsports iRacing League is a structured virtual racing series that brings together beneficiaries, veterans, military members, race car drivers/crew members, and other supporters of the foundation.

The season VI Operation eMotorsport iRacing League is an 8-race season beginning Oct 4th 2023. All races will run on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm EST and lasts approximately 120-minutes. Each session will consist of a 35 minute Open Practice session followed by a 10-minute Open Qualification period. Once the grid is established, each race will last approximately 30-minutes. (last race is an enduro)

Operation Motorsport will use the LMP3 for Pro class and GT3 for Open and Beneficiary car class.

All events are recorded and broadcast live by Podium eSports through Operation Motorsport’s YouTube Channel:

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