Excite Program


Excite program events are the gateway to sport. We provide opportunities throughout Canada and the US in a variety of motorsports opportunities. More than just a lift and a day away from problems, the networking and fellowship of the social and team focused events helps Beneficiaries to connect with a wide range of support. The Excite program offers two program levels based on the wants and needs of the Beneficiary; Diversionary Therapy and Motorsports Immersion.

Diversionary Therapy Program

The goal of the Diversionary Therapy program to use recreational motorsports activities as a form of therapy as a ‘distractor task’, or as a supplement to conventional clinical therapy and promotes self-esteem and personal fulfillment.

Car corrals: At these events, the Beneficiary will be hosted within a car corral that represents a specific original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For those enthusiasts of these high performance road cars, car corrals offer track side locations where beneficiaries can interact directly with factory representatives, team personalities (i.e. team managers, engineers, team owners etc.) and legendary race drivers. Assisted by a large network of National and regional car clubs, car corrals are manufacturer sponsored and provide exclusive opportunities for beneficiaries to socialize while enjoying hospitality services, visits from manufacturer and team VIPs, (OEM specific) and a welcoming tent. Beneficiaries may be able to participate in parade laps around the race track. With their own itinerary of planned activities, car corrals function as a unique two-three-day subsidiary event at each race track and offer the experience of a lifetime.

Beneficiaries will also socialize with people with the same likes and wants, and begin to create relationships that will offer other opportunities beyond the car corral including local car clubs, which offer many activities such as fun runs and rambles, rally drives, driver education, show & shines, car shows, dealer meet & greets, and annual parades.

Motorsport Immersion Program

Operation Motorsport has partnerships with professional North American motorsports race teams that compete in a number sanctioned racing series within the International motor sports Association (IMSA), Pirelli world challenge, and Champ and several race circuits provide value in kind help to ease the financial burden of supporting Beneficiaries. These teams will embed Beneficiaries within their crew, and utilize Beneficiaries with specific skills and or interests and assign appropriate tasks and responsibilities, where the Beneficiary, under the mentorship of a team member, will endeavor to use any transferable skills they may have or develop and/or create an interest for a new passion or career path.

The Motorsports Immersion program leads to our Engage program. Through team immersion, race teams provide opportunities as crew members with specific jobs such as tire technician, fuel tech, fabrication tech, engine tech, data analysis, public relations, social media, photography, truck driver, hospitality, videographer, logistics, driver assistant, and vinyl tech. The Motorsports Immersion program exposes beneficiaries to career opportunities in motorsports and prepares them for the next step: the Engage program. Sport is important, it is restorative and healing but it can’t just be about the here and now.

Engage program


Our Engage program is the next phase in the retraining, recovery and rehabilitation process. In this phase beneficiaries begin their individual needs analysis and complete academic studies, technical training, job placements, on the job training and apprenticeships, through colleges, technical schools, program sponsored teams and partners.

Through the Engage program, we work with the Beneficiaries unique physical and emotional needs to create a clear recovery path. As each individual’s needs will be uniquely diverse, and many will have physical and emotional limitations, the individual’s personal goals and needs for a positive resulting recovery will ultimately prevail.

The Engage program will make full use of existing government programs to assist with career counseling and guidance.

The Engage program also provides job placements with TWOth Autosport, our official Motorsports Operations partner. Beneficiaries will put their new skills to work in a professional team environment.

empower program


In the Operation Motorsport term, empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in the ill and injured service members and disabled veterans in their communities.

The goal of the empower program, through involvement, education and experience within the motorsports team environment, it provides the guidance, environment and tools necessary to develop new skill sets, where Beneficiaries embark on a personal journey of recovery.

Medically released service members lose their sense of identity and belonging, the security and sense of well-being that comes with belonging to a team and Operation Motorsport brings it back. The Operation Motorsport model requires that the organization, leadership, ambassadors, trustees, mentors and everyone else involved in the recovery process be committed to fostering an environment of trust, helping Beneficiaries learn from their successes and analyzing setbacks as a continuous personal journey.

Beneficiaries become contributing members to the greater organization and begin to lead from within. They help to change the lives of other beneficiaries within the organization. Building a team, a brotherhood, a sorority, a community, a tribe and a plan with the ability to make a change.