Meet our beneficiaries

Our Beneficiaries

Gilles Tremblay

Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Gilles Tremblay

Jeff Brown

Warrant Officer (Retired) Jeff Brown  with 27.71 years.  A Traffic Tech (Logistics) who specialized as a Loadmaster on the CC130 Hercules for 7 years and spent his last 4 years with Special Forces.  Deployed around the Globe as Loadie and (MAMS Mobile Air Movement Section) for a large part of his Career and 24 months in Afghanistan alone.  Due to a back injury, and some foot issues he was forced to retire a touch sooner than planned.  He has a 7 year old son, Ryder, that makes retirement very rewarding.  From Hot Wheels to Muscle Cars life pretty much revolves around time with his son and Wheels making Operation Motorsport a great place for this Vet. 

Fetrat Ali

Corporal Fetrat Ali 

Alex Zachman

Corporal (Retired) Alex Zachman

Jon Reid

   Staff Sergeant (Retired) Jonathan Reid enlisted in the US Marines in 2006, at 18. In September 2007, he deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His Firepower Control Team (FCT) supported the Army in Al Anbar and Diyala provinces. May 2009 he deployed as a FCT Chief in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jonathan’s team, supported British Armed forces in the Nad-E Ali area, where they provided fire support and liaison capabilities for 6 months. February of 2010 he attended TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) school aboard NAB Little Creek to become JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) certified. In June of 2010, he was deploying to Afghanistan to support the 2nd Battalion 9th Marines as a fire support representative for a company sized area of operations. Returning from Afghanistan for his third deployment, he was assigned to Okinawa, Japan. While beginning the workup for another deployment, he suffered an ankle injury. This injury took him off of the deployment roster, as it required multiple surgeries and physical therapy. In September of 2012, now Sergeant Reid, was transferred to Wounded Warrior Battalion-East. During his time there, he would receive treatment for Post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, vestibular and physical therapy. During this time is where he found his interest in partaking with motorsports. Participating in local autocrosses and finding fellowship in friends with similar interests and vehicles. In this period is when he would meet someone who would become a great friend, Grier Martin. Grier had organized a trip, along with Mission Motorsport, to bring members from Wounded Warrior Battalion and Warrior Transition Battalion to the UK. During this trip, the US service members were able to integrate with Mission Motorsport’s programs and see various race tracks across England. He was medically retired from service on August 30, 2013 as a Staff Sergeant. Shortly following his retirement, he assisted Grier Martin with hosting Mission Motorsport participants in North Carolina for a similar visit. He now resides in his hometown of Conover, North Carolina. Motorsports are a continuing interest, as he is an Operation Motorsport beneficiary, as well as interning with a racing oriented motorcycle riders school.  

DeWayne Crawford

Chief Warrant Officer DeWayne Crawford

Ralph Waller

Master Sergeant (Retired) Ralph Waller

Tom Hartrick

Master Sergeant Tom Hartrick

Dave Macdonald

Master Corporal David Macdonald