Mental Health Awareness and support

In 2019, Operation Motorsport began to

focus on and educate supporters on the

importance of the number "22" within

the military community. On average, 22

service members and/or veterans

from North America die from suicide each


Suicide is preventable and effects all aspects of our society regardless of economic or demographic background. Amongst our military and veteran population, the impact of suicide and suicidal thoughts and behaviors is even greater.

It impacts military readiness, morale, family cohesiveness, and our ability to defend our way of life. The number of suicides is disproportionately higher within our veteran

population than the civilian population with the highest percentage amongst the 18-39 age bracket. Based on 2017 data, the average number of suicides per 100,000 persons within the US population was 17 while the average per 100,000 veterans was 31.

There is no one defining reason for suicide. It is often viewed as the only way to relieve

the stress, pain, and suffering from PTSD or other mental health and physical struggles.

For 2020, Operation Motorsport will continue to engage those affected by military service

by focusing on mental health. According to the Veterans Affairs (VA) administration,

veterans are approximately twice as likely to die by suicide than civilians. The importance

of developing effective suicide prevention strategies is paramount to lowering the numberof veteran related suicides.

At the core of every Operation Motorsport event is the goal of creating the right

environment, around like-minded teammates, and allow the beneficiary the opportunity

to create their own conditions.

We all can help reduce the number 22 and together save lives one at a time.


22 seconds..........